Youth Program Management and Leadership Training Series

Youth Program Management and Leadership Training Series


Motivation is the key to leadership and learning. In this two day workshop, you will discover sustainable, systematic ways to move from managing your team to engaging and empowering your team so that they can do the same for students. Managing staff means ensuring that they are compliant with OUR expectations. Engaging staff means getting them excited about YOUR interests and goals. Empowering staff means giving them the skills and space to pursue THEIR passions, interests, and future. The YPML management framework supports staff and students. 

In this workshop series, participants will:

  • Learn through hands on, collaborative activities that are responsive to their needs and experience
  • Find their own voice as a coach while learning how to ensure their team is challenged and supported
  • Develop a system for providing high quality staff development across teams with diverse needs
  • Create an action plan for personal growth as a leader
  • Identify ways to create a culture of collaboration in their organization
  • Explore ways to sustain and finance programs while prioritizing professional development


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