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PCY's approach to Technical Assistance (TA) has been defined as ongoing, needs-driven support services to create effective and quality expanded learning programs. We deliver TA that leverages our extensive experience and competencies. Each of our TA providers possesses extensive knowledge, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and evaluation skills. We utilize a range of TA strategies to impact the quality of expanded learning programs; including training, facilitation, mentoring, coaching, consulting and providing and brokering resources. We believe TA should be driven by program outcomes, locally determined, promote the transfer of learning, focus on developing leadership, promote alignment with the school day, and be inclusive. 


Collaboratively Developed Strategies 

In 2009, after school TA providers collaboratively developed and endorsed a framework for delivering high quality TA that includes six strategies: coaching, training, mentoring, facilitation, consulting, and brokering resources. 


Data Driven Improvement  

The Cycle of Quality Improvement (CQI) is designed to be a continuous, cyclical process and consists of three key components that are sequenced over time to improve program quality; Assessment, Planning, and Improvement. We help programs collect data and information to assess and debrief progress towards goals using program quality assessment tool(s). 

Intentional Capacity Building 

We promote the transfer of learning through the gradual release of responsibility. We design professional development that involves both acquisition of skills and knowledge as well as transfer strategies to support implementation and improve performance on the job. We also focus on establishing organizational supports and systems to support trainees in applying skills and knowledge.

Expanded Learning 

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