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Partnership for Children & Youth

Technical Assistance Services

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About PCY

Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY) is a California-based non-profit organization that finds funding, partners, and solutions to help schools better serve students; and informs state and national public policy on education issues.

We can help you ensure more children and youth have equitable access to sustainable, high-quality expanded learning opportunities by igniting systems of continuous learning, fostering collaboration, and building leadership.

We offer technical assistance support with the end goal in mind— sustainable, high-quality expanded learning programs that are committed to the success of students in school and in life.

Technical Assistance Partners


Partnership for Children & Youth

PCY provides leadership and advocacy support to the expanded learning field throughout California, but we believe technical assistance should be locally determined so we focus our TA in the Bay Area. We also have a wide network of partners, including TA providers, across the state. Contact us if you need assistance connecting with a TA provider in your area. 

In order to provide high quality technical assistance, we work closely with a number of organizations and consultants; all of whom are experts in their fields. Two of our key partners are Public Profit and the California School Age Consortium. 

Public Profit

Public Profit helps public service organizations measure and manage what matters. We exclusively work with organizations that serve children, youth, and families.
We’re passionate about using research and evaluation methods to improve quality. We are at our best when our clients use our findings to get better at what they do; this is our sole focus. This is why our engagements include a practice- or learning-based component, so that our clients’ representatives – both in the main office and in the field – can improve their practice.

Our training and capacity building engagements run the gamut from one-time workshops, to multi-session professional learning communities, to ongoing coaching services for teams.

Work with Public Profit when you want to:

  • Build your team’s ability to collect, manage and analyze data.
  • Learn hands-on ways to engage your team with evaluation findings.
  • Consolidate multiple data collection activities into a seamless whole.
  • Launch a stellar continuous quality improvement process.


Since 1982, the California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC) has worked to support and advance the out-of-school time field by connecting professionals, enhancing competency, and building community.

Our vision is that out-of-school time will be a public priority throughout California. Through our leadership, out-of-school time professionals and programs will be valued — like teachers and schools — as an essential service supported by government, business and community resources.

We accomplish our mission through a focus on connecting professionals, enhancing competency, and building a community. 

We approach our work with a commitment to developing high quality, equity driven leaders, enhancing local capacity and sustainability, and building a collective and influential voice.

We provide an array of free and low cost services including training and professional development, leadership development and advocacy.